Notice from CCRMA SPI Project


The Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority (CCRMA) held an Industry Outreach Meeting on March 1, 2016, in South Padre Island. As discussed during the outreach meeting, the CCRMA desired to schedule confidential one-on-one meetings with developers in order to receive more detailed feedback on the overall proposed project delivery and future procurement process.

A number of confidential one-on-one meetings were held in March and April in which CCRMA received valuable feedback that will be evaluated over the next couple of months in order to determine the next steps toward the development of the project.

The anticipated Record of Decision date has been adjusted to summer of 2017. The CCRMA continues to move forward in working with all environmental stakeholders in responses to draft comments on Final Environmental Impact Statement and the Biological Assessment. Permits are being acquired for the initiation of the sea grass pilot study expected to begin within the next few months.

The CCRMA would like to thank all who attended the Outreach Meeting and confidential one-on-one meetings and looks forward to future communication as the project progresses.

Project Summary

The SPI 2nd Access Bridge project is located northwest of Laguna Vista, Texas, and will connect the mainland to South Padre Island, Texas. The Outer Parkway project is located north of Harlingen, Texas, and connects to Rio Hondo, Texas area. Both projects are located in Cameron County, Texas, with the intent to improve safety and mobility, enhance system continuity and foster economic development in this region, through a comprehensive development agreement.

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