Quality of Life

Locating your business and home on South Padre Island will greatly improve your quality of life!

Attracting top-rated managers and staff to employ your business is easier when you’re LIVING IN PARADISE!

South Padre Island has a tropical climate conducive to an active, outdoor, casual lifestyle. Living and working in a small community opens up opportunities to get involved and really make a difference. Engaging with all the tourists who are here to relax and enjoy downtime becomes infectious and will bring joy and positivity into your life. The Island lifestyle offers a great mix of diverse local residents of different ages from different areas. Walk the beautiful beach in the morning and see the sunrise over the Gulf and savor the glorious sunsets over the bay in the evening.

South Padre Island is a year round vacation destination located near the same latitude as Miami, Florida. The Island enjoys a sub-tropical climate with mild, dry winters and warm, breezy summers.

Average Winter Temperature 65 degrees
Average Summer Temperature 82 degrees
Average Daily Temperature 74 degrees
Average Days of Sunshine 253 days
Average Growing Season 336 days
Average Annual Rainfall 27 inches

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