Low wage costs and high productivity levels characterize the Rio Grande Valley labor force. The local labor force is drawn from the Laguna Madre Area and the surrounding communities of Brownsville and Los Fresnos.The unemployment rate for Cameron County in December 2016 was 6.6% and the unemployment rate for South Padre Island is estimated to be 05.

Labor Market Analysis

Top Ten Employers (Peak Season 2020)
Dirty Al's Management Co. (includes Dirty Al's, Daddy's, Señor Donkey, Liam's, Josephine's) 354
City of South Padre Island 331
Perspective Hospitality (Hilton Garden Inn, Marriott Coutyard, La Copa, La Quinta) 300
Beach Park (formerly Schlitterbahn) 250
Isla Grand Beach Resort 165
Cameron County Parks 161
Louie's Backyard 160
Sea Ranch Enterprises (Sea Ranch, Pier 19, Laguna BOB, F&B) 128
The Pearl Beach Resort 115
Blackbeard's Restaurant 108
*Revised 01/05/2020-South Padre Island EDC. Updated annually.