South Padre Island continues making big waves

Teresa Rodriguez

South Padre Island, Friday, June 25, 2021 - According to the May 2021 Smith Travel Research (STR) the U.S. hotel industry showed its highest performance levels since the beginning of the pandemic, and the City of South Padre Island has not been the exception, this tropical Island continues making waves by setting record numbers, not only in comparison to 2020 but in the last three years preceding the pandemic.

May 2021:

Occupancy 59.3% 72.50%
Average Daily Rate US $117.60 US $141.32
Revenue per Available Room US $69.81

US $102.00

Occupancy Tax Collections

Month Budget Acutal: FY2021 YTD% FY2020 FY2019 FY2018 FY2017


$289,592.41 $562,291.12 83.21% $306,917.58 $265,913.35 $285,669.61 $311,226.39
Nov-Dec $209,968.72 $259,178.27 88.14% $182,864.98 $216,519.52 251,333.10 $254,499.23
Dec-Jan $233,883.13 $364,420,63 63.01% $299,064.87 $259,783.73 $221,956.48 $199,886.12
Jan-Feb $172,073.18 $253,494.92 56.70% $193,535.54 $228,657.49 $164,700.44 $171,097.31
Feb-Mar $299,274.74 $347,493.15 32.37% $433,097.13 $274,976.46 $272,536.33 $307,996.39
Mar-Apr $868,018.91 $1,039,175.24 78.59% $212,960.80 $819,445.62 $978,343.26 $925,000.65
Apr-May $524,562.98 $974,684.12 107.20% $244,162.69 $630,240.20 $527,203.17 $554,853.55
May-Jun $696,881.02 $1,258,074.50 87.83% $863,992.02 $796,574.12 $782,547.57 $654,664.51

Each of the three key performance metrics were the highest for any month since February 2020 and the City of South Padre Island is above the US average, and reservations continue to be higher in most of the Island hotels and vacation rentals.

"We welcome visitors to our island and ask for their patience and caution as they may experience some traffic," said Ed Caum, South Padre Island CVB Director. "We recommend visiting the island Monday through Thursday as more hotel rooms and vacation rentals are available and price points tend to be lower."

South Padre Island offers 34 miles of pristine beaches, a wide variety of restaurants, amazing outdoor activities, great accommodations, and is the only tropical island in the State of Texas. For more information, please contact Teresa Rodriguez, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager at (956)761-8199 or email:

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